The Fairy Tale Project’s Trilogy


The Fairy Tale Trilogy is a collection of children’s books I wrote which includes Will and the Magical Forest, Will and the River of Enchantment and Will and the Crystal Fairy. 

Tealy's Sunflower

Tealy’s Sunflower

The stories are about Will, a city boy who goes to visit his Grandpa Otus out in the country in the small town of Astrophyllite.  Will’s grandparents live near a forest that has magical qualities and Will along with Grandpa Otus go on an amazing adventure in this children’s book trilogy.

Miami Herald/ Fairy Tale Project Opening, March 2010

Miami Herald/ Fairy Tale Project Opening, March 2010

The Fairy Tale Project began in March 2010 with a grant from the Art and Cultural Division of Broward County, Florida.  Our unique combination of a fairy tale story told with words and art made the story come alive and has been very well received by children and adults alike.  Our goal is to promote reading by inspiring children’s imaginations.  We have been guests at a number of story time readings and art/ literature workshops throughout South Florida including a couple of interactive story time readings hosted by Radio Disney in 2011 for Simon Kidgits Club’s “Book Blast” who partnered with The Florida Department of Education’s “Just Read, Florida!” for a book drive in Miami-Dade and Broward county malls.

Fairy Tale Project - Radio Disney bright

The Fairy Tale Project with Radio Disney.

Summary:  As a young boy, Grandpa Otus had a frightening experience with one of the inhabitants of the magical forest and warned his grandson Will never to go near the dark, wooded area.  But Will, upon being distracted by a playful frog, followed it directly into the forbidden forest.  Forgetting his own fear, Grandpa ran right in to catch up with Will and right through an unseen portal, finding himself transformed into a young boy once again.

Throughout their journey, they meet some delightful and some downright frightening creatures that teach them patience, to take time and enjoy life, and also give them the opportunity to face their fears, something they discover they are capable of through the power of love.

After journeying through one realm after another in this mystical world, they make their way back home with a renewed appreciation for life, and for Grandpa Otus, an understanding of the need to honor his inner child and give him the attention he deserves… which in turn, makes for a stronger and happier adult.

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Here’s a few links if you’d like to read more about The Fairy Tale Project.



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