Falcon: Excerpt from Animal Spirit Book

falcon - book


Are you planning on making changes in some area of your life? What is it that you’re hoping for, or dreaming of?  When Falcon shows up, be prepared and do not doubt your abilities or you may miss an opportunity that’s coming fast! Falcon energy swoops in with unexpected speed.

** There are dozens of species of falcons all over the world. They are magnificent flyers and hunters. Gyrfalcons are the largest and peregrines are the fastest diving at almost 200 miles per hour. They are similar to hawks but are not the same bird. If you know the type of falcon you encounter, that can tell you more about the message it brings. They are birds of prey and have keen eyesight. If in your encounter, a falcon has captured prey, there will be a message for you from that creature as well.

From Meet Your Animal Spirit Guides & Teachers; An Animal Spirit Guide Handbook by Dani Lynn

Peregrine images are from my time as a wildlife rehabilitator in South Florida.


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